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Hands and feet!

Hello again!

The last parts of my doll to be sculpted were the hands and feet, partly because I was worried about how fiddly they’d be!


IMG_2012 IMG_2019 IMG_2039


There was definitely some trial and error with both hands and feet, I drew up a plan beforehand, but didn’t fully understand the nuances of how these limbs would flow once attached…The feet weren’t too bad, they were perhaps a little too tall, and the ball too pronounced.  Next time I would keep them quite low, and try to get more curves underneath – though it’s important to have the feet sit flat if you want your doll to be able to balance on them!

The hands look nice enough here, I built up the fingers on individual wires first, letting them dry before adding palms and rolling little balls separately.  However once I tested them out I realised they were too ‘long’, they didn’t look right when the doll was stood and the hands were flexed to have the palms point at the floor, they looked like they were bending above the wrist :/

The hands I decided to remake altogether, since I thought they were also a smidge on the small size too…though I found It hard to know wether to proportion them against the size of the body, or the head, which I was deliberately making larger than it would be in reality.  I guess I went for a middle ground in the end!


The second pair of hands and a peek inside the head cap!


I was also working on my THIRD head at this point too!  Having joined a forum for BJD artists, I was reading it every day, and quickly learning a lot more about how these dolls function, and how to sculpt for that function.


IMG_2023 IMG_2024 IMG_2025 IMG_2032


This time round I opened the head cap, removed the core, and then tried to focus on getting the blank base symmetrical and fairly smooth before rushing into sculpting features!  Once I had the base looking good, I pencilled on her features, and got stuck in!  I used a scalpel to cut out the eye holes roughly from the outside first, then built up some features, and used my newly acquired dremel-style tool to sand out spherical holes on the inside, to thin out the eye wells (to fit the eyeballs into).  I don’t know how I would’ve finished this doll without that tool, it’s seriously handy.

I was using my usual assortment of toothpick/needle/proper sculpting tool to refine the facial features, but found the very best tools to be the tiniest sanding bits from the drill, used once dry, held manually in hand.

I was really happy with how she was looking already, definitely a keeper 😉

Thanks for reading!





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