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My first doll for sale

Hi there!

It’s taken quite a while from the first days of sculpting to hitting ‘publish’ on her page, but my 3rd fully articulated doll is finished and is for sale! It’s exciting and more than a little scary, to put any kind of price tag on something that has taken so long for me to be happy with, and she’s probably still a little under-valued considering just how much work has gone into everything, but there has to be a point where I stop saying ‘Ooh I could make one of those for my doll!’ and call her done!

I’ll keep it brief here, but there’s a link on my front page to ‘For Sale‘, which will tell you all about her, and show you all her lovely accessories!

I do hope you like her as much as I do, her name is Cera (Seh-Rah) which is derived from cerise, for the colour cherry.

Thanks for having a look, please feel free to share her page on social media or to friends, I hope she finds a new home before too long!




1 thought on “My first doll for sale

  1. Beth could you email me please?
    I have known Beth since she was 4 yrs old and can verify how talented she is………her and my daughter were known as ‘dolly daydreams’ as they were always dreaming and being creative 😀

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