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Pru, my first BJD completed!

Hi there!

So my first handcrafted BJD is finally finished! She was started at the very end of March 2014, and was completed at the end of May 2014.  Once she was all done, I finally named her Pru (Shortned from Prunus Avium – Sweet Cherry) ^____^ I’m so happy with her, she has one full outfit so far, with tights and two cardigans with pockets >_< so cute.  I have made her 3 pairs of shoes, but have only photographed one pair so far.

Well here’s Pru showing off some of the poses she can do first *Warning* Doll nudity!

You can click any image to get a larger view ^_^

P1040204 P1040206 P1040211 P1040214 P1040216 P1040218 P1040219 P1040220 P1040223 P1040225


Finally here are a few photos of her clothed, wearing the wig I made for her.  I do plan to make at least one more wig for her, with less bulk to it, since I fell victim to the common mistake of adding a bit too much hair to the wig  >_<

P1040233 P1040237 P1040241 P1040245 P1040260

So there you have her ^__^ She’s currently lounging around atop our dresser, amongst colourful Ikea doll furniture, and an adorable garden bench I picked up from our local church hall’s recent silent auction!

I’ve been adding all sorts of miniature ornaments and trinkets to her wee bookshelf (ooh! still have to make some tiny books!)and have some new bits and bobs to take photos of soon, but for now…that’s me all up to date!

For anyone reading the blog in sequence, everything up to now has been past tense, as my husband was tweaking my website whilst I sculpted Pru, so everything from here on should be more present tense!

Thanks so much for reading, please feel free to comment!


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