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Test stringing, and another head!

Hi there!

The next thing I had to work on for my doll, was beefing up the arms and legs…they were just too skinny, and unfortunately this meant having to beef up the joints as well…not ideal.  I just added a little at a time, and smoothed each new bump and curve with a wet finger.  The paperclay takes new additions very nicely, and smoothes well with a little water.

the limbs enlarged before the joints…dodgy
working well enough to test string though!

I was delighted to be able to test string her at this point ^__^ I used a round elastic that was around 1mm thick, since it was all I had, and used snippets of cotton bud sticks as placeholders for the hands and feet.  I hadn’t gotten as far as the neck hole on the head, so I couldn’t test it out yet.

IMG_1984 IMG_1987 IMG_1994

Once I had gotten the joints and limbs to the same thickness again (and added some ‘padding’ to her booty and hips!), I gave her another go ^__^ I was really happy with how she looks here.  She could even stand up alone on those little sticks!

another head!?!

Since the body was going well, I looked back at the head i was working on, and decided that neither the first nor second head were going to cut it!  The first was too blehh, the second was maybe too small!?  So I started yet another, haha! I went a smudge bigger with the overall size, knowing that I would be able to cut/sand it down to be symmetrical, and hoping it would look ‘cute’ and childlike, as I wanted.  I had been obsessively reading posts in a forum I had joined for BJD artists (The Joint),  and had a better grasp again of how the head should work, and be shaped.  So the profile view shown here has a better looking neck hole curve.  This took me up to the 21st April, and 4 weeks into my project ^__^


Next time – Hands and feet!


Thanks for reading!


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