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This unique doll is completely handmade, complete with interchangeable eyes and wigs, you can dress her and move her into realistic poses.  She has a wardrobe full of adorable handmade clothes, shoes and accessories.

Please see the full description below for more detail.

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I am offering for sale a completely unique, hand sculpted BJD (ball jointed) doll. She has not been moulded or reproduced from a cast, and will not be made again. This is an opportunity to own not only an art doll, but a fully jointed and dressable doll, with interchangeable wigs and eyes, just like more widely produced resin BJD’s.

Sculpt Name: ‘Cera’

Sculpt Completed: August 2014

Composition: Creative Paperclay

Height of Doll: 20.5cm / 8″

Cera is sculpted using Creative paperclay, an air-drying compound that is remarkably strong, yet very light weight. Her body parts and joints are strung internally using custom made ‘s’ hooks and round elastic. The tension of the elastic keeps her together and allows her to hold poses.

It is possible to adjust the elastic tension if required, a stringing diagram is included with her paperwork. Cera’s head cap is held in place using a peg/slot at the top of her head. The cap can be gently removed by pulling it horizontally away (opposite from her face, not directly upwards.) Inside Cera’s head is an ‘s’ hook holding the elastic in place, this can be positioned in the notch towards her face to allow for both normal and ‘looking up’ extremes of head positioning, or it can be positioned into the groove further back, allowing for both normal and ‘looking down’ extremes. Cera is single jointed, and can pose beautifully, she will easily stand unsupported, and doesn’t require a doll stand. Her lower torso includes two raised areas which will ‘catch’ onto the upper torso to allow her to hold hunched forward or bent back poses with ease.

Listed here are the clothes, accessories and wigs which will be travelling with her (not including some props from the photos shown above).

  • Storage box/Wardrobe
  • Cardboard suitcase
  • Sleeping bag
  • 2x Hats
  • 2x Wigs
  • 2x Hairbands
  • Silver metal hair clip
  • 2x Shoulder bags
  • Cream/white underpants
  • 2x Pairs socks
  • 2x Tights
  • 3x Pairs of eyes
  • Purple silky dress
  • Grey/brown/blue dress
  • Striped green/white/orange top
  • Denim bunny dungarees
  • Red felt coat
  • 3x Shoes with shoeboxes

Cost and shipping

Cera and her accessories are priced at £495. 20% off until the end of May – now only £396.

Shipping within the UK will be Royal Mail special delivery (£8.55) trackable and insured.

The total payable including shipping is £404.55.

If you require shipping to another country please contact me by e-mail and I will get a quote for you.  Please note, you may be required by your own country’s government to pay a separate customs/handling charge upon delivery.

If you would prefer to pay the total sum monthly in smaller increments, this can be arranged via e-mail, please contact me for more information.


All rights reserved, you may not recast, replicate or reproduce this doll.

Additional information

Weight 818 g
Dimensions 27 × 20 × 15 cm


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