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Hi there, I’m an artist/crafter based in the town of Huntly in Scotland.  I’m a wife, a mother, and also reasonably addicted to Pinterest

I love to try new things as often as possible, and can never resist a crafty challenge.  If you have an idea for a gift you’d like to give, or for something you want for yourself, just get in touch and I can help to realise your idea 🙂



Beth can do pretty much any craft ever invented. She’s got this weird thing in her brain called ‘mad skillz’ where she becomes a master at anything remotely arty in about 30 seconds.

Much to the annoyance of her husband, Beth is skilled at so many things, it feels like he married a machine, some kind of sexy woman shaped art-bot. “That’s ok” he says, crying into an empty cup. “I get to make my own coffee, just the way I like”.

Beth has been crafting for as long as she can remember, sure it was probably shit but at 3, who’s art isn’t? Well probably Beth’s if anyones. Beth started making dolls along with drawing and crafting at an early age and unlike many, continued doing so well into her adult life.

This lead to her being commissioned to do a great number of things, including custom made corsets, fascinators, children’s clothes, soft furnishings, portraits and illustrations. Her most noted artworks include the box art for Bob Harris’ (Talisman) most recent board game Mythgardia (Beth lost a game of Mythgardia against Bob, but probably just so she wouldn’t hurt his feelings), writing and illustrating a short story for Declan Shalvey’s (Thunderbolts, Deadpool, Moon Night) anthology series Your Round , the logo for the Aberdeen branch of Dr Sketchy’s alternative life drawing classes and illustrated a locally published role-playing book Modern Day Deities.

A keen comic book fan, Beth has also done a number of one-off paintings for her local comic book shop, Asylum Books & Games.

When not trying to create real world masterpieces, Beth is crafting in the Mine sense. Yes, like 100 million other people Minecraft consumes all time not pre-set to ‘real life’. All hail Notch.

So if you’re here for the dolls, paintings or just a bit of a nosey, leave a comment, and say Hi!*



*Please note, the opinions expressed above are those of my wonderful, long suffering husband, and may or may not reflect anyone else’s opinions…thanks Craig ♥


3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. How can I get the pattern for the Blythe shoes you have on the u tube video?
    Thank you!!

    Anne Olpin

    1. Hi, all my patterns are available for free on my Facebook crafts page, in the templates/patterns photo album, here’s a link:

  2. love it, you are so so talented xxx Dont forget to put your handmade clothes on, they are beautiful and yet another string to your bow

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